20. dubna 2021 | News

COVID related information for participants of Rallye Šumava and Historic Vltava Rallye

All drivers, service team members, rally officials, directorate members, and members of the press (only those using the service park area including the press centre), hereinafter the “Rally Participants”, are bound to send their duly filled forms containing their specific details by 3 May 2021 to This form will be sent to all Rally Participants by e-mail before 28 April 2021.

All Rally Participants are bound to follow the Organizational Procedures, which are based on the Stipulation of Binding Hygienic and Anti-Epidemiological Conditions for Holding Major Sporting Events issued by the Ministry of Health – here. All these measures and regulations are approved by KHS (Regional Health Agency) Pilsen.

All Rally Participants are bound to present the following documents at COVID checkpoints:

  1. A written confirmation of a negative RT-PCR test not older than 48 hours of the collection of the biological sample at the time of the start of the event (Wednesday 5.5.2021 – 8.00 a.m.) or a written confirmation of a past COVID -19 infection, provided that no more than 90 days have elapsed since the positive test; or a written confirmation of COVID-19 vaccination at least 14 days after the second vaccine shot – the exact wording of these confirmations is provided in this document.

  2. Filled in Statutory Declaration (self-reporting) of Non-Infectiousness.

  3. A valid identity card identical to the one stated in the form.

Procedure for Rally Participants when first arriving in the service park:

  • Vehicles of all Rally Participants (still without any markings on windows, etc.) will be parked in the ENCLOSED CAR PARK which is located at the entry to the service park – see 1.

  • The participant or participants who have documents 1,2 and 3 will come to the service park with the prescribed facemask through the main entrance, where their temperature will be measured. They will then proceed along a marked corridor to the COVID checkpoint, which will be located at the entrance to the Rally Bar. These are the Red Cross tents see 2.

  • At the Covid checkpoint, they will present their respective documents (1,2 and 3 above). When their identification has been verified (based on the data from the Form) and the correctness of the documents has been checked, they will receive a neck ID (tag) and a hand strap ID. Both of these IDs must be worn by the Rally Participants for the entire duration of the Šumava Rallye and Historic Vltava Rallye event and they are bound to provide these at any time they are checked by organizers.

  • Then the Rally Participants will pick up the rally documents in the Rally Bar building and will go back down the corridor to the enclosed car park.

  • At the enclosed car park, respective markings are attached to those vehicles which are allowed to enter service park area (SERVICE, RECONAIISANCE, PRESS, etc.).

  • The entry of these vehicles is allowed only through the main entrance to the service park area, where the IDs of all Rally Participants are checked (while they are sitting in their vehicles) and vehicle markings are checked as well.

  • Officials will then determine the specific location of the entrance to the service park.

In case of failure to meet any of the conditions for entering or driving into the service park, the Rally Participant WILL NOT BE admitted to the service park area!

In case of suspicion of COVID-19 symptoms, or if an increased temperature is detected (exceeding 37.5 °C), the following steps will be consulted with the Covid coordinator and the chief physician of the Rally. Until the chief physician makes a decision, the Rally Participant may NOT BE admitted to the service park!


Veronika Petrů – Coordinator of Rally, Phone: +420 602 100 427, e-mail :